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  • Anchor-Shape-Hook-AllAnchor-Shape-Hook-Raw-Brass-Kit

    The Anchor Shape Hook is the perfect complement for any installation that requires a solid attachment. Use it for your pendant lights, pots, decorations, etc. Its industrial look is perfect to accompany wooden beams or planks. You can even extend them with the 1/8 IPS pipes because the threads are […]

  • LED-B11-E12-lightbulbLED-B11-E12-milky-white-lightbulb

    These bulbs are the perfect addition to any terrasse / rétro / chic / antique or contemporary / minimalist décor. Inspired by the original creation of Thomas Edison in the B11 shape. These stylized bulbs offer an unparalleled aesthetic appeal, in addition to benefiting from a highly sought-after antique finish. […]

  • LED-G25-globe-lightbulbLED-G25-globe-lightbulb-White

    These lightbulbs are the perfect complement to your brand new luminaire or to replace your ugly, plastic shell, lightbulb. The envelop of these lightbulbs are completely in real glass. Not cheap plastic like the ones you gonna find in Hardware store, Amazon or any other store at a cheap prices. […]

  • Contemporary-flat-ceiling-canopy-AllContemporary-flat-ceiling-canopy-Matte-Black

    You can use the Contemporary Flat Ceiling Canopy when you want something discreet and minimalist. Measuring 5 in. in diameter but only has a thickness of a 1/4 in. You choose between two complete kits. One with finials and the other without. Each kits comes complete with all the necessary […]

  • cylindrical-female-metal-strain-reliefcylindrical-female-metal-strain-relief

    This Cylindrical Female Metal Strain Relief is the perfect companion for any canopy. It is an important part to secure every electrical connection. Perfect for holding your suspension in place. Each piece is raw and unique (may have signs of wear on the surface.) You can use them with the […]